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Oglethorpe University offers two degrees in the Adult Degree Program
for students age 22+:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

Within these degrees there are five majors to choose from:

Accounting is the language of business. It is a service activity whose function is to provide quantitative information, primarily financial in nature, about economic entities that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions. The purpose of the major in accounting is to acquaint the student with the sources and uses of financial information and to develop the analytic ability necessary to produce and interpret such information. The student learns to observe economic activity; to select from that activity the events which are relevant to a particular decision; to measure the economic consequences of those events in quantitative terms; to record, classify, and summarize the resulting data; and to communicate the information in various reports and statements to appropriate decision-makers. The resulting degree is a Bachelor of Business Administration.

View the accounting major requirements 

The business administration curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers as business leaders who will earn their livelihoods by discerning and satisfying people’s wants and needs. Success in this endeavor requires the ability to think independently, knowledge of business terminology and business institutions, both domestic and international, and communication skills. The ability to think independently is enhanced through study of the courses in the core curriculum. Courses in economics and the functional areas of business administration introduce the student to business institutions, terminology, and methods of inquiry. Most business administration and economics courses have a communications component. These courses and the capstone course in business policy provide opportunity to develop and enhance thinking and communication skills.

The program in business administration is also designed to give graduates a solid foundation in the concepts and analysis of business functional areas that will be needed for graduate study. Many graduates of this program go on to receive a Master of Business Administration degree or a master’s degree in a specific business area.

In addition to preparing students for business careers and graduate school, the program in business administration is valuable preparation for other careers. Students learn administrative skills and methods of inquiry that are applicable in governmental and non-profit organizations.

Since much legal practice involves businesses and a knowledge of business terminology and institutions, this major is an excellent background for the study and practice of law. The resulting degree is the bachelor of business administration.

View the Business Administration major requirements

A program in communication and rhetoric studies prepares students to express themselves effectively in speech and writing. It encourages students to examine their own modes of communication and to analyze the communication of others, from individual utterances to mass media coverage.

Graduates in communication and rhetoric studies generally go on to careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, mass media, corporate communications and related fields. They also are prepared for further study in journalism or communication studies. The resulting degree is the bachelor of arts in liberal studies.

View the Communication and Rhetoric Studies major requirements 

History, it is said, is the queen of the humanities. The history major is designed to give students a systematic understanding of cultures and civilizations across time and space. The major is intended to be cross disciplinary, requiring students to take courses in history as well as other relevant fields in the humanities and social sciences. Through the range of courses, students may explore a wide variety of problems and issues in the past, as well as their connection to current social, political and cultural realities.

In addition to providing students with a wide-ranging acquaintance with the historical past, the major is designed to help students refine fundamental intellectual skills. All the courses place a heavy emphasis on developing reading, writing and  speaking skills. Texts and writing assignments are intended to help students hone their analytical skills. Since many of the history courses are taught in a seminar format, students must also present their views orally and be prepared to explain them to their peers. The interdisciplinary component of the major serves to introduce students to the wide array of methods that historians may use in their quest to understand the past.

Above all, the major is designed to provide students with a broad context for understanding the world, their place in it and the varying forces that have shaped human society. The resulting degree is the bachelor of arts in liberal studies.

View the History major requirements 

Psychology uses scientific methods to study a broad range of topics related to behavior and mental processes, including motivation, learning and memory, human development and personality, psychological disorders, social interaction, and physiological bases for behavior and thought. The study of psychology should help a student to develop skills in three basic areas: skills associated with the scientific method, including data collection, analysis and interpretation; skills that are useful in the construction and evaluation of theories, such as analytic and synthetic reasoning; and skills in human relations through which the student learns to become a more precise and more tolerant observer of human behavior and individual differences. Many students with a background in psychology choose careers in psychology-related fields, such as counseling, psychotherapy or research, but many others choose careers that are not so directly tied to psychology. For example, psychology provides a good background for careers in law, education, marketing, management, public relations, publishing, and communications. The resulting degree is the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

The Integrated Classroom Laboratory: Bringing Research Opportunities to the Adult Program

The Psychology program at Oglethorpe is different than that found in many other adult education programs. Our faculty have made a concerted effort to bring research and publication opportunities to students in the adult degree program, an essential component of an undergraduate psychology education. Learn more about our Integrated Classroom Laboratory.

Choose from a concentration in Public Health or one of eight minors:

Business Administration
Communication and Rhetoric Studies
English and Comparative Literature
Nonprofit Management

View the requirements for all minors

Pre-Professional Tracks:

Oglethorpe also offers six pre-professional tracks for students wishing to pursue a career in these fields.
Please note: A pre-professional track is a sequence of courses intended to be part of one of our degree programs, and all lab-based science courses are only offered during the day.

Pre-Dentistry Studies
Pre-Law Studies
Pre-Medical Studies
Pre-Pharmacy Studies
Pre-Physical Therapy Studies
Pre-Veterinary Studies

Get details about our pre-professional tracks