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General Education requirements for all students

General education in the Adult Degree Program is tailored toward working adults, who frequently have a moderate amount of transfer credit when they first matriculate to Oglethorpe.

ADP general education requirements entail satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Two lower level courses focused on writing (8 hours)
  • One lower level history course (4 hours)
  • One lower level fine arts (Arts, Music or Theatre) course (4 hours)
  • One lower level humanities (Literature or Philosophy) course (4 hours)
  • One lower level mathematics course chosen from among: MAT 111 Statistics, MAT 120 Introduction to Functions and MAT 121 Applied Calculus (4 hours)
  • One lower level science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Physical Science) course (4-5 hours)
  • Two lower level social/behavioral science (Economics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology) courses, chosen from different categories (8 hours)

Degree Completion

The university accepts an unlimited number of credit hours in transfer. A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed at Oglethorpe as well as at least half of the semester hours required for a major to earn an Oglethorpe degree.

Additional requirements and things to note:

Students’ transcripts will be evaluated upon admission to evaluate how many of the general education requirements have already been met due to:
(a) credits by examination
(b) credits from joint enrollment
(c) credits by transfer and
(d) credits through transfer under an articulation agreement

Every student attending an Oglethorpe-approved semester or year abroad during their tenure at Oglethorpe may petition the provost to have their coursework abroad count as an equivalency for the history, fine arts or humanities requirement, depending on the nature of the trip and the coursework required. Consult the provost, registrar or the A_LAB Center for Global Education for details.


Major and Minor Requirements