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28 09, 2016

Wall Street Journal, Times Higher Education rank Oglethorpe among top universities in student success


The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education World University Rankings is an annual assessment of colleges and universities that puts student success and learning at its heart in an effort to measure institutions’ “educational impact”. Their 2017 rankings of 1061 institutions worldwide place Oglethorpe University in the top 40%, and in the top 29% of U.S. colleges and universities. […]

8 09, 2016

Finish Your ITT Tech Degree at Oglethorpe University


Former ITT Tech students who have not finished their degree may be able to do so in the Adult Degree Program at Atlanta's Oglethorpe University. Oglethorpe University is an affordable, private, liberal arts college with evening classes tailored toward the busy schedules of working adults. Oglethorpe offers several programs in the evening that may be comparable to ITT Tech programs such as Accounting, Business Administration, and Communication & Rhetoric Studies. There are five start dates throughout the year, with Fall Session II beginning October 19, 2016. Interested students are invited to complete a free online application, attend an upcoming Open House, or contact our Office of Admission to schedule a campus visit and discuss transfer option.

6 09, 2016

Nonprofit Management Minor Now Available in the Evening


Oglethorpe’s Nonprofit Management minor will be offered in the Adult Degree Program for the first time in the Fall 2016 semester! Two courses are scheduled for the Fall II session, which runs October 19-December 13. Nonprofit organizations have an important, valuable role to play in the world today; they address difficult questions, take on tough challenges, and deliver life-changing services to those who need them most. If you’re a logistics whiz with the will to help others (and maybe help change the world), this may be a good fit for you. The following foundational courses will be offered in the Fall 2016 semester: Non Profit Sector (NPM 220) Monday/Wednesday 6:00-8:10 p.m. (8 Weeks-Fall Session II) Through both readings and field experience in nonprofits, students will explore the nonprofit sector beginning with the mission of nonprofits. The traditional function of any business will be explored with the functions specific to nonprofits such as fund development and the management of volunteers. Current topics in nonprofits including connected capitalism will be included. Professional development of students is emphasized. Course serves as the introductory course to the Nonprofit Management minor. Electives include courses on business law; art, museum, and theater management; the new American city; urban ecology; and economic development. […]

19 08, 2016

Oglethorpe’s President Schall to Teach Criminal Justice Course


Lawrence M. Schall, J.D., Ed.D., president of Oglethorpe University, will teach a criminal justice course in Oglethorpe's Adult Degree Program during the fall 2016 semester. The course, Equal Justice?: The American Criminal Justice System, introduces the student to the concept and the reality of justice in America. It includes an introduction to case studies through current popularized cases in the media. It will also include a focus on the intersection of race, class, and justice in America. The course will be held Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:00 pm - 8:10 p.m. in Fall 2016 Session II. The course will convene in one of Oglethorpe's newest classrooms at Gables Brookhaven, directly adjacent to campus. Dr. Schall practiced law as a trial attorney specializing in civil rights litigation before assuming leadership of Oglethorpe University in 2005. Schall writes regularly for The Huffington Post, as well as his personal blog, and has been featured in The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and on NPR, CNN, and Bloomberg News. Oglethorpe is a pioneer in adult learning, with the oldest and most flexible adult programs in Atlanta. Experience quality teaching by highly qualified faculty in a personal, face-to-face campus setting. Try one or two classes and save 50% on tuition when you Test Drive the Adult Degree Program at Oglethorpe University. Learn more. 

5 05, 2016

New Minor and Courses Coming to the ADP in 2016


Check out these courses that will be offered in the Adult Degree Program in the 2016 summer and fall semesters! Summer 2016 Forensic Psychology (PSY 290) Monday/Wednesday 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Prerequisite: PSY 101 This course can serve as an elective for both degrees offered in the ADP. This course will review the application of clinical and abnormal psychology to criminal cases. Students will learn the many roles of forensic psychologists, gain an appreciation for the benefits and limitations of forensic psychology expert testimony, and have an opportunity to practice applying mental health concepts to forensic cases. Students also will be introduced to the research on controversial forensic techniques, such as the use of lie detectors, handwriting analyses, and criminal profiling. In addition, we will investigate the use of mental health defenses in high profile cases, including the use of unusual defenses (e.g., Stockholm Syndrome, Battered Child Syndrome, Dissociative Disorder). This class is different from, and does not overlap with, the department’s course “Psychology and Law.” Like the law class, this one is particularly relevant for those considering a career at the intersection of clinical psychology and the legal system. Business Analytics (BUS 275) Tuesday/Thursday 6:00 p.m. Prerequisite: None Preferred course for a major requirement for Business or Accounting majors. […]

7 04, 2016

New Public Health Concentration Open to All Majors


Local and global challenges to public health come in many forms: social and economic inequality, changes to the climate and environment, political upheaval, technological obstacles, lack of funding. Many of these problems require holistic, interdisciplinary approaches to overcome them. Oglethorpe’s new Public Health Concentration was developed with this in mind, and to meet the interests and needs of students. It's specially designed to draw on Oglethorpe’s trademark blend of intellectually stimulating liberal arts education and real-world focused, experience-based learning. Oglethorpe’s liberal arts approach encourages Public Health students to explore broader perspectives, creative solutions and “big picture thinking”---the ideal foundation for understanding complex challenges to health and wellness, and how to solve them. Read more about the new concentration, and get details about the academic requirements and potential career options. Oglethorpe is a pioneer in adult learning, with the oldest and most flexible adult programs in Atlanta. Experience quality teaching by highly qualified faculty in a personal, face-to-face campus setting. Try one or two classes and save 50% on tuition when you Test Drive the Adult Degree Program at Oglethorpe University. Learn more.

18 02, 2016

Randall Wright ’19: Student, Athlete, Soldier


Randall Wright ’19 is not your typical college track and field athlete. He is a full-time student in Oglethorpe’s Adult Degree Program, while serving as a specialist in the Georgia National Guard. Randall has been active in track and field since middle school and wanted to continue running throughout his college career. He reached out to Head Track Coach Kirk Shellhouse, who welcomed Randall's enthusiasm and helped guide him though the admission process. A business major, Randall chose Oglethorpe because the flexibility of the Adult Degree Program allows him to pursue his degree while fulfilling his military duties and his commitment to the track team. “It’s all about time management and prioritizing," Randall says of juggling his responsibilities. "I will study for three hours, then I will practice for three hours." Coach Shellhouse recognizes Randall's dedication to Oglethorpe and the team. “He does a great job at leading by example and he understands the commitment that the Track & Field team requires of student-athletes, and he helps his younger teammates learn this relationship.” Randall's professors, coaches and other Oglethorpe staff have been a tremendous help to him from the beginning, he says, because “they have high hopes for me and make sure that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do academically.” After graduation, Randall hopes to open a track and field gym for underprivileged high school students who have the potential to attend Division I schools, but do not have the resources they need to succeed. Randall participated in the 2016 Petrels of Fire race, part of the university's annual Oglethorpe Day celebration. Written by America Liborio '18

12 02, 2016

Mark Moskowitz ’82 Shares Perspectives with Israeli-Palestinian History Class


An Oglethorpe Adult Degree Program History course recently welcomed a guest speaker: OU alumnus Mark Moskowitz ’82, southern regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. Moskowitz, who majored in political science at Oglethorpe, offered his expertise and perspective with students enrolled in the class “The History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” taught by Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs Glenn Sharfman. The goal of the course is to provide background and sketch the complexities of the divisions in Israel and Palestine, and is designed to acquaint students with the principal events, major figures, and different perspectives on the conflict. Students also examine the situation by looking at a variety of the attitudes of everyday people on all sides. Read more about his visit on The Source.

27 01, 2016

ADP Students Present Psychology Research at Professional Conference


Yeisi Alvarado-Santana, Mary Kathryn Brown, and Twain Carter Four students in Oglethorpe's Adult Degree Program presented their original research at the 2015 meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) in Hilton Head, S.C. Twain Carter, Mary Kathryn Brown, Yeisi Alvarado-Santana and Chelsea Ventura, all students in Dr. John Carton's spring 2015 Theories of Personality course, each represented their respective class group at the conference. The students explained their groups' work to other conference attendees, learned about different areas of research, and interacted with students and professors from other universities. Three of their projects involved using personality variables to predict juror behavior, while the fourth involved testing how preconceptions about Sigmund Freud’s theory influence willingness to endorse his ideas on human nature. Chelsea Ventura Three additional groups from Dr. Carton's fall 2015 Theories of Personality course have been invited to present their research at the spring 2016 SEPA conference in New Orleans. Two of the projects involved additional research on predicting juror behavior with personality variables and the third involved testing whether handwriting produces better recall of material than does typing. Advanced training in research is one reason why the OU Psychology Department has a strong record of placing students into graduate programs. Learn more about Psychology at OU