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Oglethorpe has two main programs:

Traditional Undergraduate (TU)

This is a population of about 1,200 students, most of whom are attending college for the first time right after graduating from high school. About 800 students live on campus and 400 are commuters. TU students can choose from over 60 academic programs. A central part of TU academics is our Core curriculum. Two degrees are offered in TU: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts.

Adult Degree Program (ADP)

The ADP was built for busy adults. Many ADP students are well into their careers and work full time, and therefore are only available to take classes in the evening. A lot of ADP students have previously attended college and often bring transfer credits with them. ADP students are welcome to pursue any pre-professional track or concentration, but some courses are only offered during the daytime.  ADP students may take classes at any time of day, but we guarantee that all degrees in the Adult Degree Program can be completed by only taking evening classes. The Core curriculum is not a degree requirement for Adult Degree Program students, however OU CORE classes will satisfy your general education requirements if you choose. Two degrees are offered in the ADP: Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies.

Students in both programs may take any of the classes we offer, whether during the day or in the evening. Daytime classes are offered in a traditional 16-week semester, while ADP classes are taught in two 8-week sessions per semester.

What if I want to pursue a major not offered in the Adult Degree Program?

Students in the Adult Degree Program may only pursue one of the majors offered in the ADP. If your heart is set on another major we offer during the day, you may apply for admission to the Traditional Undergraduate program.

Tuition and Financial Aid Differences:

The short answer:

For most students, tuition costs will generally be slightly lower in the Adult Degree Program, however often times the difference in out-of-pocket cost for students is only a few thousand dollars.

The long answer:

There are two types of financial aid: Institutional aid that is offered by Oglethorpe University, and aid offered by the state or federal government. Institutional aid in the Traditional Undergraduate program is based on each student’s individual financial situation, GPA, and a number of other factors. However, all students in the Adult Degree Program automatically receive institutional aid in the form of a reduced tuition cost. See current tuition and fees rates. 

If you have a high GPA (3.5+), you may qualify for a substantial institutional scholarship in the TU program that will make your tuition about the same rate as you’d pay in the ADP. If your GPA is under 3.0, you likely will not qualify for very much institutional aid, and would likely end up with a lower tuition bill in the ADP. Note also that TU financial aid is determined based on full-time enrollment. If you are planning to attend less than full-time the Adult Degree Program will often be a more affordable option.

Federal and state financial aid in both programs is dependent on Georgia residency, eligibility for Pell grants, and your financial situation. These forms of aid can be applied on top of your tuition rate as determined above.


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